singing news chart pic # 9 i'm glad i'm saved
Spanning more than 30 years of heartfelt, sincere ministry, The Bledsoes have consistently tried to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a professional, passionate way. Their main goal, which is obvious in every service, is to see the Lord ‘high and lifted up’ (Isaiah 6). It is their firm belief if He is lifted up, His word says, He ‘will draw all men’ to Him. The Bledsoes have seen many lost souls come to know our Lord as their personal Savior. They will be quick to let you know, it’s not by their efforts, but the drawing power of the Holy Spirit. The Bledsoes’ ministry has expanded within the last few years with the signing of their recording contract with Crossroads Music, on the Pinnacle Label. One of their latest efforts, “This Valley You’re In” penned by Rodney Bledsoe, was their first Top 40 in the Singing News National Chart.
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